The idea of the traveling-picture - Exhibition

Exhibitions usually take place in public spaces: museums, galleries and other exhibition spaces. With  “The traveling picture exhibition” the pictures come to people‘s homes. I will send them on their journey individually but even if they travel and are shown separately, they belong together.Together they are a very small and very special exhibition.

Each one of the 7 pictures is sent to a first interested friend of mine. The temporary image host keeps the picture for three weeks to watch, to show and to enjoy. Then he/she pass the picture to someone of his/her choice. It is important that the new person is particularly interested and agrees to the rules so the pictures don’t get lost. Of course I want to know where are the pictures and I do look forward to your feedback. You can follow the journeys on the blog http://bildaufreisen.blogspot.com/ .

I'm excited to see where they go, where they are hung, who sees them and what reactions the elicit from their viewers - the pictures will collect their own history.

After one year they should come back to me. With their travel documents, they are reassembled and maybe shown in a local exhibition for a short time. During the year, everybody can take part in an internet auction for the pictures. At the end of the year, the new owner receives his picture permanentely and the proceedings will be donated to a charity.

What's this all about? I want to try a new kind of exhibition, bringing the pictures to the people and and give them a completely private experience. The images travel individually, each will only be seen by a few people. How many there are and in what context is up to the image hosts. Each image thus collects its individual history and yet they belong together, are part of a series, part of a joint exhibition. 

Temporary picture host

Rules for the picture hosts (people who are allowed to keep the images for 3 weeks):

1.    Please handle the picture with care! You are responsible for it until it has arrived at the next picture hosts.

2.    Please show the picture at home, in the office, in a workshop or a store where it fits well. It should definitely be a private place where the images are safe and can be seen.

3.    You can keep the picture for 3 weeks. Then please pass it on to a person of your choice. If none is available, send me a message. I do have a waiting list with people who would like to get involved.

4.    Please ask the new image host to agree to the rules and inform him or her about the project before sending the pictures.

5.    Immediately write an email to me to whom the image has gone with the name, address and e-mail.

I would be very happy about feedback on the painting; maybe with a photo showing how you displayed it, who or how many people have seen it, reactions, etc. You can follow the journey and stories of the pictures on the blog where you can also participate in the auction. I hope you enjoy the picture !

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