Schule aus

Erinnert Ihr Euch? Bild 3 hing die letzten Wochen im Lehrerzimmer. Jetzt wandert es weiter nach Berlin. Aber vorher haben mich noch ein paar Kommentare dazu erreicht.

"We had some nice comments:

            Snapshot in an oil painting
            It is super!
            The lighting is beautiful
            Interesting idea. Epic!
            Amazing colours
            Awesome painting. Really cool how it travels around.
            Love it  =)
            I love the 3D effect
            A perspicacious painting (?)"

Vielen Dank lieber ICS Staff für's mitmachen! Many thanks to the ICS Staff for taking part! Maybe some took a photo of the picture hanging in the staff-room? I would love to have one and to post it here, too.

And here is his way to Berlin:

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